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Our Products

Nemesys has expertise using various traditional forecasting, scenario-building, red teaming, and horizon scanning approaches.


In addition, Nemesys has developed several proprietary technologies designed to advance the science of strategic analysis beyond these traditional approaches. These include: 

CDAP (Complex Decision Analysis Platform) 

CDAP is a systematic and scalable strategic assessment platform that enables the exploration and verification of high-stakes decisions, both in environments that currently exist and potential environments that do not​. It can be customized to suit a wide variety of contexts and decision environments and generates copious data that can be used to optimize decisions and decision strategies. The system employs immersive simulations with AI-generated elements. 

DART (Distributed Asynchronous Red Teaming)

DART is a red teaming tool that uses a distributed asynchronous methodology to generate replicable experimental data in order to assess existing vulnerabilities and evaluate new system designs. It can be employed at scale and yields quantitative and qualitative data that is easy to analyze and compare across alternatives.


RedKit is a family of customizable tools that is specifically designed to evaluate and enhance complex transactional compliance processes through red teaming​. In addition to being utilized directly by Nemesys, RedKit can also be transferred to clients as a stand-alone, “out-of-the-box” red teaming solution for internal organizational application.

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