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Nemesys seeks to expand the initial work conducted by the Center for Advanced Red Teaming (CART) to offer clients a range of new options for exploring the strategic decision space and preparing for emerging risks.​

Whether you're seeking cutting-edge insights into adversarial behavior or a deeper understanding of your competitive landscape, Nemesys is here to guide you. We'll tailor our novel technological and system-based red teaming approaches to address your unique challenges and objectives.


Simulate Complex Decisions

Modern decision environments often contain complex, non-linear dynamics that can perplex decision makers.


Nemesys employs a variety of tools and approaches to simulate complex decision environments in order to optimize decision maker performance and improve decision outcomes. 


Identify Unrecognized Vulnerabilities

Unrecognized or underappreciated vulnerabilities can lead to strategic surprise and significantly negative consequences.


Nemesys applies both traditional and novel methods to avoid strategic surprise by revealing previously unrecognized or underappreciated vulnerabilities in existing systems and organizational processes.  


Gain Insights on Emerging Risk

Nemesys adopts innovative, proprietary technologies to explore emerging technological, geopolitical, environmental, and social risks, as well as opportunities for addressing them. 


Evaluate Strategies and Systems

Nemesys can rigorously evaluate existing strategies and systems for their robustness against various threats, as well as pre-test a range of proposed alternatives in order to ensure their value in evolving risk and regulatory environments. 


Validate Predictive Models

Novel decision environments are often explored using a variety of complex quantitative and computational modeling approaches that are traditionally difficult or impossible to validate using existing methods.


Nemesys tools can be applied to provide more confidence in such models, particularly when these cannot be tested with empirical data. 

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Reach out to us today to learn more about how our innovative technological and system-based red teaming approaches can keep you one step ahead of the competition.

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